About TL

Team Langoustine is a company put together by motor sports fans for motor sport fans. We have been supporting the 24hrs of Le Mans since 1989 and have gained first hand experience of the circuit and its facilities.

2004 was our first year as a commercial enterprise. In 2005 we saw our customers double in number and we doubled again in 2006. Team Langoustine is still growing in size and in 2007 we laid on more in the way of entertainment in the campsite and increased our flexibility regarding travel arrangements and hospitality.

In 2007 we entered into discussions with the ACO to establish a dedicated site for our members, which would allow us to expand even more on our hospitality.

In 2008 we will have our first dedicated campsite within the circuit at Tertre Rouge with Marquee, TV, SAT and music. This is a private site open only to Team Langoustine members.

Each year we travel to La Sarthe we find more elements to help all of us enjoy the weekend to it's full. Some people will diligently sit at trackside counting laps, while others sit in the campsite socializing and counting bottles.

We hope to satisfy all that join us.